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Is your company focusing on digital health? The QbD Group can help you to identify, select, integrate, and implement emerging digital technologies in the healthcare sector, where the regulations or standards are not fully defined yet.

Discover how the QbD Group can support your company in digital health below. 

Challenges in Digital Health


Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, but also blockchain technology, the internet of things, analytics, and cybersecurity have a lot of opportunities in different industries. However, the various sectors are all in different stages within the digitalization process.

Within the field of Clinical studies, for example, the process of digitalization (paperless) is still ongoing, while the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning is being investigated. Specific use cases on how to use these technologies within the field are more often being promoted.

In the Medical Devices industry, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being implemented as we speak for medical devices to be certified on the market. 

Finally, the Pharmaceutical industry is already further developed in terms of digitalization with Pharma 4.0 (internet of things, analytics and cybersecurity). The sector is also looking into blockchain implementation (e.g. Pharma ledger), artificial intelligence, and machine learning. As an example, the ISPE organization wants to help the industry by educating the sector on the validation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the current validation lifecycle.

The challenge however is to see how these emerging technologies can be implemented in the current regulatory framework and the upcoming regulatory framework for those technologies.

Why QbD Group?


The QbD Group can be seen as a leading partner in implementing these emerging technologies thanks to its digital health core team. 

We can make your company aware of upcoming regulations and at the same time make you future-proof by implementing risk controls in the current regulatory landscape. 

Moreover, the QbD Group is constantly involved in these topics to help think about future regulations (e.g. articles, blog posts, and conferences). 


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